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What are the most frequent questions about crew socks? Everybody heard something like “are crew socks long? how high are crew socks?” and again “are crew socks in style?” at least once. Clearly there is some confusion about crew socks length and their fashion potential. This is why we’re going to explain in detail all you need to know about crew socks and at the end you cannot help but have them!

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What are crew socks? Height, size and all you need to know about crew socks

Let’s start from the very beginning: for example, do you know the crew socks meaning? The etymology of this word goes back to 1948 and it’s probably connected to the naval field, where the crew of the ship wear them as part of their uniform. From it the name “crew socks” as we well know. 

Another question could be what length are crew socks? or what size are crew socks? Crew socks height is usually around 15-20 cm, so they cover the lower part of your leg. Are crew socks mid calf then? Yes, they are, in fact another way to name crew socks is precisely mid calf socks. It's important not to confuse crew socks with other socks cut, for example do you know what is the difference between crew and ankle socks? and crew socks vs quarter socks? Let’s make it more simple with a visual example:

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as you can see, ankle socks are the lowest cut, they cover your foot and arrive just under your ankle. On the other hand, quarter socks cover your entire foot and ankle too, they are a bit shorter than our crew socks. Read more about dstinctive’s ankle socks.

Crew socks are the most popular socks cut, their fashion versatility during the decades has made them a must have for our wardrobe. Discover our rich collection and personalize your own crew socks design!

The perfect crew socks outfit -  how to wear crew socks and be fashionable

As we said, cotton crew socks are the most used type of socks of all. In winter or summer, they are always a good choice if you want to protect your feet and the lowest part of the leg. Perfect for casual and elegant looks, with crew socks you can’t go wrong, especially with our classic crew socks, simple but good-looking, available from now in different colors.

Whereas if you’re not afraid of contrasting colors and you’re ready to stand out, you have to try our crew socks with stripes, with dots or with cool designs that you’ll be looking forward to showing off! Thanks to our advanced technology, you’ll be able to create personalized socks following your own tastes in a sustainable way. But how can you wear crew socks in the best way?

Crew socks style tips for him and for her

There are many ways to wear crew socks properly. Remember that the golden rule is to combine them with the color of your shoes or trousers.

Crew socks with leggings: for women that want to dare, you can wear them over leggings actually. The more socks are colored the better!

Crew socks with sneakers: it’s the best choice for smart casual outfits, like evenings with friends, but also business meetings. As soon as you sit down, your personalized crew socks are going to be well visible!

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Crew socks with boots: it’s possible to wear them during the winter season or if it's a rainy day outside. Spice up your outfit, in spite of everything!

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And last but not least, can you wear crew socks with shorts? Yes, crew socks with shorts are perfect for summer happy outfits. And if you’re wondering how to wear crew socks with shorts, take inspiration from the picture below.


The great thing is that with shorts your personalized crew socks pop, so take this opportunity to create crew socks with name or with initials!


All becoming clearer for you now? Crew socks are a must have all year round. Explore our collection of personalized socks today and share your outfit with us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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