Socks colors and mood

Did you know socks colors have an impact on people's moods? From a scientific point of view, color is an optical sensation that varies according to the wavelength of light. The light that appears white when it passes through a crystal prism is broken down into the 7 colors. Each color has its own frequency and emits a different amount of energy; it is therefore not a certain and absolute material reality, but rather it is a sensation that determines different and personal effects on the body and mind.

In addition to the 7 colors of the solar spectrum, there are also white and black. Many experiments have shown the effect of colors on our emotional world and it has been proven that in seeing a color we not only perceive a certain range of electromagnetic vibrations, but we also experience its emotional effect, more or less unconsciously.

At dstinctive our intent is therefore not only to offer unique and trendy socks colors, different from the high street brands but also a product that can evoke emotions and a joyful experience while creating your own personalized socks.

Color evokes sensory and affective responses of a universal nature. Here below we present a summary of the main characteristics of the 7 colors of the solar spectrum, including white and black.

It is associated with blood, life, vital processes, instinct, desire, sexuality. It is the color of passion, of love but also of war. It is a warm, stimulating color that gives energy, strengthens the will, courage and extroversion.

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It is the color of cheerfulness, well-being, joy but also of wisdom and devotion - the dress of Buddhist monks is in fact of this color. Orange is a warm, soothing color, it restores enthusiasm and joie de vivre.

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It is the closest color to sunlight and gold and in many cultures, it is a symbol of royalty and perfection. It is the color of extroversion, self-esteem, will, vitality, and projection towards the future.

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It is placed in the center between warm and cold colors. It is the color of nature, of self-preservation, a symbol of stability and balance. When it is clear is associated with regeneration and renewal, while when it is dark is associated with strength and greater rigidity. It is harmonizing and rebalancing, promotes general well-being, increases vitality, and restores balance.

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It is located at the opposite pole with respect to red and is in fact the first cold color to which introversion and staticity correspond. It is the color of water and therefore linked to motherhood. It is associated with infinity, calm, emotional serenity, harmony, and relaxation. When it is dark it is associated with emotional depth, reflection, meditation, and introversion, while if it is lighter it indicates lightheartedness and extroversion.

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It corresponds to a very dark blue like that of a starry sky in the absence of the moon or that of the sea depths. It is the color of intuition, deep reflection, and meditation. It is a cold, anesthetic, and purifying color for the mind, highly relaxing, it broadens understanding and develops judgment.

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It is located at the extreme limit of the range of visible colors, close to ultraviolet radiation. Since ancient times, purple has been considered the color of the spirit and is associated with quiet, silence, and intuition. It stimulates meditation and acts on the psyche giving spiritual strength and inspiration. It is connected to fantasy and artistic creativity. Leonardo da Vinci claimed that his ability to meditate and contemplate increased when he was in a church with purple glass on the windows.

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It is the color of light and brightness. In our western world, it is a symbol of purity and is associated with marriage, while in many eastern cultures it is associated with mourning. White removes excess thoughts, tension and nervousness.

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It is opposed to white, often also on a symbolic level: it can represent emptiness and absence, evil opposed to good, chaos and materiality. In the East it is a sign of wisdom and of the most advanced states of the spiritual paths and the deepest layer of being.

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What is your socks' mood today? Have fun creating your favorite personalized socks choosing from our selections of socks colors.

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