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Mother's Day is here and what better way to say "I love you Mom" then giving her a unique pair of personalized socks?
All our personalized socks are produced sustainably in Italy according to the highest quality standard. 
1. Pick a pattern your mom will love
2. Choose the colors she likes
3. Personalize with her name (or yours!)
Produced and shipped the next day
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Mother's Day socks

Mother's Day is here and we have the perfect gift for your mom. What better way to say "I love you Mom" then giving her comfort and style? Create a unique pair of personalized socks with dstinctive, especially for your Mom. Choose a pattern she will love, select her favorite colors and add her name to the socks. Or, perhaps write your own name on them so everybody know's who her favorite kid is!
We offer crew socks, knee socks and ankle socks all personalized to your wishes. Perhaps your mom would like a fun pattern, motif or maybe she prefers striped socks or simple one colour socks with her name or initials on them. Everybody needs socks and we believe socks should make you feel good, comfortable and unique. With our personalization options we enable you to create endless colour combinations. One for each occasion, personality and taste. We’ve got it all. It really is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. 

We weave your socks on-demand for you in Italy. After placing an order your socks are produced the following day and shipped directly to you. By weaving your name directly into the design of the socks, therefore making it part of the fabric instead of printing or embroidery, we can assure you your feet will be incredibly comfortable while wearing your dstinctive socks. Get your own pair of personalized socks with your name on it today! We have socks for men and socks for women. Everybody is unique, you are dstinctive.

Sustainable production

Did you know the fashion industry is responsible for 13 million tonnes of textile waste every year? We believe creating a better future and have therefore said no to mass production. We only produce what we’ve sold and therefore have zero waste. No stock, no leftovers. All our yarn in 100% OEKO-tex certified, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals and we produce according to the highest quality standard in the fashion industry.

The perfect gift

Looking for that extra special and unique gift for someone? Perhaps a lover, family member, good friend or want to surprise your colleagues at work? A pair of personalized socks with name is always the perfect gift for any occasion. Design them for someone or give them the chance to design their own personalized socks by giving a dstinctive gift card.