Why choose dstinctive personalized socks

When it comes to choosing we can never be absolutely sure of our choice, especially with plenty of possibilities from all over the world. But with our dstinctive personalized socks it’s a whole other story and we’re proud of it. Ready to find out why?

We value your uniqueness

Our products are made to order and customized directly by you. By picking the models and colors and adding your name or initials, the result is a one-of-a-kind pair of socks with the high quality of Made in Italy. This is made possible by the innovative technology we have developed and the direct relationship with our customers which allows us to create high-quality items at a fair price. We believe in the personal expression through fashion and we’re here to let your imagination free.

We eliminate any kind of waste

Our socks are handcrafted in Italy on demand, without making stock and therefore only producing what is actually purchased. We pay attention to the socks production chain by eliminating the pre-wash phase, which allows us to reduce a lot of water. In addition, we decided to sell exclusively online and supported by digital technology, in order to minimize further waste. We can proudly say that our production system is sustainable and zero waste (find out how dstinctive is a sustainable fashion brand).

We protect your health and the health of our planet

The fashion market is one of the most polluting sectors of modern society. We want to add responsibility to our product and contribute to a new sustainable consumption. We work only with suppliers who have the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certificate, in order to guarantee that our socks do not contain substances that are harmful to the environment and to human health. Create your own unique personalized socks saving the planet!

We only choose high quality materials

Our personalized socks are made of:
- 75% cotton, a noble material that ensures better hygienic qualities, and it’s a naturally hypoallergenic fabric that guarantees maximum breathability;
- 20% polyamide, that makes the sock more resistant to wear, especially in the toe and in the heel, preventing the annoying problem of holes in the socks;
- 5% elastane, used in minimal quantities to give greater elasticity and a better fit to the sock so that it can adhere perfectly and comfortably to the foot.
The percentages may vary slightly depending on the design chosen.

Finally, by respecting some small precautions during washing, cotton maintains its quality and brightness over time, so your socks stay beautiful.

We care about your long-lasting socks

Our certified high quality materials ensure your socks a longer lifespan. In particular, the cotton is made resistant by gassing and mercerization combined with the combing process that removes short and weak fibers preventing deterioration and pilling.

After being produced, each sock is manually checked to find out if there are any defects in the execution of the design and customizations, and also tested to assess their greater resistance and elasticity. These actions are possible thanks to our artisanal approach, which ensure the best quality for your tailored socks.

For a perfect fit, we recommend to wash your personalized socks at 30°C/86°F before wearing, also to remove impurities deriving from production processes.


dstinctive is a union of Italian tradition and quality with technological innovation. As a fashion company we chose to be responsible to human life and the health of our planet, providing an exceptional high-quality customized product without waste. We believe in the uniqueness of every person and support the expression through fashion. That’s why you should choose dstinctive.

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