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About dstinctive

high quality custom socks
made in Italy, designed by you

dstinctive started taking shape back in 2017. The intention was to offer a new concept of on-demand tailored fashion products, without the accompanying waste and spillage of the fashion industry (did you know that that is responsible for 10% of the global pollution?).

Our dreams came true and in 2021 we finally founded a company in the very heart of Amsterdam, the perfect place for a fashion tech startup like us. And our journey doesn’t end here!

our mission

offer high-quality personalized socks at an affordable price

our vision

make a difference in the fashion industry, by producing sustainably and reducing waste

our core values

uniqueness and personalization

100% made in Italy by artisans

sustainability and zero waste

"Being unique makes us who we are"

dstinctive is based in Amsterdam and run by co-founder Lydia van der Spek. With a background in product development & graphic design and a passion for fashion, she has great plans for dstinctive!

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