we are dstinctive

high quality custom socks
made in Italy, designed by you

We launched dstinctive because we couldn’t find socks that ticked all our boxes: unique, high quality, sustainable and affordable.
We believe custom made high quality items should be available for everyone, without the accompanying price tag or wait. 

You create your ideal socks, we produce them sustainably the next day.

We're a female-run start-up, launched in 2020 and based in Amsterdam. We take pride in our socks being 100% made in Italy, the heart of artisanal fashion. We support local artisans by opting for on-demand production, which is made possible by our patented technology.

A good, high quality pair of socks designed by you is an everyday luxury we believe everyone should be able to experience. But why stop at socks? Our plans for the future are big! Watch this space… 

create your own socks today and we'll produce them tomorrow

why custom made? We’ve got 3 reasons:

  • Everybody is unique. Your style should express that. Have fun with it! But most of all, create the socks YOU love. 
  • Custom made is high quality craftsmanship. We all deserve luxury on our feet, without the accompanying price tag or wait period. By selling directly to you we cut out the traditional retail markup and keep our pricing fair and low while producing locally in Italy and supporting artisans. 
  • Custom made is sustainable. We say NO to mass production. No stock, no waste. We only produce what we’ve sold, therefore eliminating unneccessary use of materials, energy and water. 

our mission

To enable you to create your own unique items that YOU love for an affordable price, while making the fashion industry more sustainable.

our vision

Make a difference in the fashion industry, by producing high quality customized items sustainably and reducing waste.

produced sustainably: zero waste

Did you know that the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global pollution yearly? With that in mind, the concept of producing custom made items on-demand started to take shape in 2017. Because we produce on-demand, we're proud to have a zero waste production policy. We only produce what we have sold, keep no stock and do not waste unnecessary materials, energy or water. We only work with certified materials of the highest quality standards and suppliers who share our values.


We only produce what we have already sold because we produce on-demand. Thanks to our patented technology, we can produce your socks completely on-demand, including your personalization. No printing or embroidery, your socks are made completely from scratch, by local artisans in Brescia, Italy. 

designed by you | dstinctive

designed by you

You design the socks you love, the possibilities are infinite.

dstinctive | made in Italy by local artisans

100% made in Italy

Experience artisanal Italian quality on your feet.

dstinctive | zero waste production

zero waste production

We produce on demand. No stock, no waste.

dstinctive | affordable price tag


The highest quality without the traditional retail mark up.

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